Early and Successful Reconstruction of a Traumatic Bilateral Patellar Tendon Rupture: A Case Report

Mahmoud Jabalameli, Majid Abedi, Mehran Radi, Hooman Yahyazadeh, Seyed Jalil Hamidi
Publication date
Journal of Research in Orthopedic Science
Journal of Research in Orthopedic Science
Traumatic bilateral patellar tendon rupture (BPTR) is a rare injury with low levels of clinical suspicion, especially in young adults. Since early diagnosis of the BPTR is the cornerstone of a successful management, BPTR reports are valuable as they raise awareness of the careful clinical and radiologic workout in similar cases. Here, we present a case of BPTR in a 34-year-old male following a motorcycle accident. At the emergency department, the necessary examinations including clinical, physical, and radiologic tests were performed and BPTR was diagnosed accordingly. The patient underwent reconstruction surgery the day after the injury. At the last follow-up, the patient was able to perform active straight leg raise with 130 flexion and no extension lag. The superior results of BPTR reconstruction in this report further emphasize the importance of early diagnosis and repair of BPTR. Active straight leg raise test is necessary to perform for all patients with a history of an eccentric load of the knee extensor mechanism, and if positive, extensor mechanism rupture should be strongly suspected.

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